The Yoga Practice

Yoga has saved my life. Yoga has enabled me to break through old destructive patterns allowing me to slowly reunite with my inner spirit and inner truth. A part of my daily practice is to live in the present moment, within my heart, so that I can love with no boundary.

I bring “Spirit” into class and use asanas to spring board us into deeper aspects of yoga such as: meditation, pranayama, sound, philosophy, chakras, intuitive movement and energy healing.

My approach is to use yoga as a tool to get students back into their bodies, to feel their emotions, to connect and acknowledge whatever energy they are holding on to. Without safe space, emotions are trapped and most often then not, unconsciously expressed. The breath is another amazing tool to slow down, go inside and to teach us to observe. This process allows us to go beyond the story and create new pathways to our truth. I teach various styles of Yoga including: Somatic, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.

Somatic Yoga-This is by far my favorite to go when I am in distress or in need to recharge. Understanding that the body keeps an emotional score, a Somatic practice integrates breath with intuitive movements to create and facilitate new pathways of healing not only physically, but emotionally and energetically.

Vinyasa– Classes are often a combination of Ashtanga inspired poses threaded by vinyasas. Classes are slow but progressive and dynamic flow designed to build strength and stability, while raising awareness to control the breath creating internal focus.

Yin–  Yin practice is a much slower paced class with more space to experience the moment and witness the fluctuations of the mind. Yin is a great practice for joint health, mobility, circulation, breath and mental focus. It is also wonderful for slowing down the nervous system into our parasympathetic mode, decreasing stress and anxiety.

Restorative– Our bodies have an innate ability to relax given the right circumstances. My classes are a series of easy and supported poses held for a long time. Emphasis is on releasing muscular tension and relaxing our nervous system. Restorative is an amazing practice for reducing stress and anxiety.

Pranayama – Becoming more and more popular my breath work session has transformed the way many of my students view and understand the breath.

I have dedicated part of my work to helping students privately. Working one-on-one allows me to be more sensitive to one’s specific needs. Whether you want to just deepen your practice, heal from physical injury or an emotional trauma, we can together create an ideal customized protocol using all the aspects of yoga mentioned above. PRIVATE SESSIONS MEDIA WEEKLY SCHEDULE BOOK NOW