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5 Days Reset Retreat

We live in a culture where our busy-ness and overwhelm is a symbol of success and happiness. By default we’ve learned to participate in a rhythm that is not natural to our inner knowing nor our nervous-system. Claiming this way of living to satisfy the status within the society creates incoherence between our mind and our heart. 

Many of us may still remember a time in your early age… where we felt confusion.  Internally our intuition guiding us to live with an open heart, while externally we observed our parents, teachers and everyone around us experiencing struggle to lead from an open heart.  Clear display of self-sacrifice and emotional neglect was the training we inherit to protect and guard our heart and stop to listen to our feelings. 

As adults most of us have accepted this push and pull is a normal way of living. We adhere to the mold. And almost without noticing we start to mold the new generation. We say words like “we must face reality” forgetting that WE HAVE THE POWER OF CREATING REALITY.

Where are you on this journey? Have you considered a pause of the automatic system to RESET, rejoice, reconnect? Do you really have the sovereignty over your life to create a mindful space to get back into your heart? If you were to look through the eyes of source what changes would you be committed to create in your life?

We will meet March 1st through March 5th for a 5 Days Reset Project to ask ourselves these questions. We will disrupt the pattern and stir up the fire of life that may be dormant within.

There will be no one left behind. This project includes a full scholarship to those who can not afford right now.

Investment: $180 

This Project includes:

2 daily Yoga class 

1 daily guided Mediation and ritual

2 Juicing classes demonstrations (learn how to naturally support your immune system** Recipes: Dandelion Detox & Turmeric Power**)

2 Vegetarian cooking classes with a seasoned Whole Foods Chef (specialized in macrobiotic & energetics of food)

2 Tincture classes (Learn how naturally create your medicine cabinet *** Neddle Tincture (allergy season) ***Ashwagandha Tincture (nervous system)

Daily 2 hour interactive philosophical Workshops with journaling and practices to embody the concepts (Tantra principals Masculine/Feminine and Divine marriage)

Daily emails with recap of the day with lunch, dinner recipes and inspirational facts.

+ The organic magic that happens when we gather in the name of healing that cannot be put into words.


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7:00 Introduction
7:30 am Heart Coherence Meditation
8:30am Yoga practice (Renata)


12:30pm Lunch: Cooking Demonstration
Vegan Tacos (Renata)


2:00 WORKSHOP: How to make your own Tinctures Micheline Sultana Debono
(Build your natural medicine cabinet)



7:00 pm Express and Release (Renata)


7:30 am Yoga practice

8:15  Water Ritual/meditation

9:15 Juice Demonstration (Immune boost)
+ 1:00pm Lunch Healthy Recipe email


3:00 WORKSHOP: Tantra Principles
Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy


6:00pm Dinner: Energetics of Food
Cooking Demonstrations Lisa Silverman

8pm Yoga Nidra Micheline


7:30am Movement
8:15am Divine mother Invocation Meditation
9:30 Elixirs and Tonics Demo


12:30 Lunch: Vegan Tacos
Daily recipes emails



3:00 Workshop: Divine Feminine Energy


Dinner: recipe emails


7:00 Slow Flow (Renata)

Self- oil massage



7:30 am Endocrine Release class (Renata)
8:15 am Fire Ritual/meditation
9:15 Juice Demo (Detoxification)


1:00 Lunch Healthy Recipe


3:00pm WORKSHOP: Divine Masculine Energy


6:00pm Cooking Demo: Food for Healing (Lisa Silverman)

Recorded Vinyasa class



7:30am YIN practice (Renata)
8:15am Heart coherence Meditation (Renata)


1:00 Lunch Demo: Superfoods on the plate


3:00 WORKSHOP: Divine Marriage


6:30 Closing Circle



Maine Wild Spirit Yoga Retreat

July 2021




The word “Wild” is often linked with the idea of being untamed, free from societal rules and sometimes misbehavior.

The word “Spirit” for most, means where the truth lies…

My intention in naming the retreat Wild Spirit was to put these concepts together to describe a practice. A practice where we learn to dance with the fire of our emotions, while indulging in our ultimate truth. As well as reshaping our stories, healing our connections, and bearing witness of it all.

Wild sacred Spirit runs underneath everyone’s skin and provokes a response when we are out of alignment with our inner most truth. Retreating collectively from the dis-empowering programming sold to us by our society, lets reconnect and heal into nature. There, we can hear the real messages of Love, Strength and Vision for a better future.

Get away and explore 5 days in the beautiful coast of Maine. We will share an iconic mansion in the heart of Saco. In spirit of community building, we will share more than just a physical space, creating emotional connections that will hopefully last us a lifetime.

Our accommodations are in a classic 1856 ships captains brick mansion with three floors,11 premium bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a cathedral ceiling yoga studio. Indoor and outdoor dining area with a beautiful built in pool and a wraparound porch.


Since we have such an intimate setting, we will be blessed with a private chef with a menu of vegetarian, locally sourced and organic meals.

Organic Green Detox Juices will be served to re-energize and alkalizing the body.

Yoga practices will take place in the most beautiful coastline overlooking the water, light houses and bird sanctuaries. There is also an indoor shala which will be used in case of inclement weather and workshops.

***Included with retreat registration:

All accommodations

All meals (juice for breakfast, Lunch and dinner) except one dinner in Portland.

Organic Detox juice tutorial

2 Daily practices Yoga/Meditation

Daily Workshop

Partner kayaking a great activity in Portland

Castle Bay. Participants will move and engage without even realizing how strengthening kayaking is! A fun way to get energy moving, strengthening teamwork and coordination all while taking in a beautiful view and exploring the different islands of Maine.



Sailboat sunset, a perfect way to spend two hours!!! Sailing experience in the beauty of Maine Coast, complete with light houses, seals, sea birds   and rugged coastline with a sunset as background. Or if you feel inspired, join the crew to hoist the sails or take a turn at the ships wheel! Learn more :


Ever After Mustang Rescue Farm visit, here we will have our initial contact with beauty and wildness. We will learn the history of the horses and hopefully remind ourselves about our once unbreakable connection to nature and spirit with a meditation there. For more information or donations


Yoga with Horses recognized by Yoga Journal as one of the most moving retreat programs, yoga on horses is 4 hour program run by Gerry Scott.  One our last day we will walk & jog with horses at “Fortunes Rocks Beach” in Biddeford. This is the opportunity of a lifetime”! I met Hercules (the magnificent freyja horse) that inspired me to host this retreat. Not spoiling the amazing experience to you but let me just say: I will never forget it! * Please bring sneakers or hiking boots for foot protection



What to bring:

*Sunblock (please be mindful about our environment and use products that are less harmful)

*Hat for sun protection

*Comfortable loose clothing

*Reusable bottle of water


* Yoga Mats if you prefer to use it instead of the grass or rocky terrain

***A Sensual Dance outfit something you feel sexy and good in it. Nothing fancy could be anything, but it is not a showoff dress dance. Just bring something fun that you love to wear!


Day 1 Wednesday July 22nd

3:00pm – Retreat arrival for all attendees, room assignments (fruit basket) accommodations/logistics/schedule

4:30pm -Beach Jump! A 5-minute carpool drive to greet the Sun and Ocean

7:00pm – Dinner served

8:00pm – Intro to Wild Spirit and ice breaker followed by Movement and Yoga Nidra.


Day 2 Thursday July 23rd

6:45am – Yoga Class- Depart/carpool for meditation and yoga at Biddeford.

9:00am –Breakfast

10:10am –Depart for Kennebunkport-

10:30am-12:00pm – *Optional* Kayaking a fun trip to nearby islands

12:30 Lunch(on the go) Lunch on the go in beautiful Kennebunkport prepared by our amazing chef!

1:00 to 5:00 Free time (optional to spend time in town, beach or come back to the house to rest or pool)

5:00pm Wild Spirit Workshop

7:00pm Dinner (in house)

8:00 Yoga meditation


Day3 Friday July24th

7:00am Yoga Meditation class at the Portland Head lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth – carpool drive (Most photographed lighthouse in the world)

9:30 Breakfast

10:30  Wild Spirit Workshop

1:00 Lunch


4:00 Sunset Sailboat trip!!!

9:00 Dinner out in town


Day 4 Saturday July 25th

7:30 meditation/Yoga at the Sanctuary

9:30am Breakfast

10:00 *Optional* Bike to the beach(10 minute bike ride to the nearest beach)

1:00 Lunch (in house)

Free Time

4:00 Visit the Ever After Rescue Mustang Farm 

6:00 Wild Spirit Workshop

8:00 Dinner (in house)


Day 5 Sunday July 26th

6:15am – Breakfast

7:00am-12:00pm – Yoga with horses

1. Walk and jog with horses at “Fortunes Rocks Beach” (1 hour)

2. Gerry narrative & Yoga -teacher taught (40 minute class)

3. Yoga postures on horses (2.5 hours)
***Please bring sneakers or hiking boots for foot protection. 1:00pm – Departure
(Grab and go prepare food for the ride)




Join me in Nosara Costa Rica

While freedom is an inherent aspect of our truest nature, it is also something we must nurture, foster, and act upon. Freedom isn’t static; it is a state that requires us to repeatedly choose it. It requires us to challenge what’s bound and captive to old patterns… Freedom, then, is a call to action in each moment.

In Nosara, immersed in the nature of a beautiful tropical country and its resources, we will be invited to look beyond what keeps us stuck in the status quo and how we can start to let go of the fear that is keeping us from living our best possible life. This exploration will take us from ziplines across the amazon jungle, to kayaking where sweet waters meet the ocean, to digging our fingers in the dirt of an organic farm, to continually returning to meeting ourselves in the sanctity of our mats and our inner space.

Throughout, we will, again and again, be asked to practice our birthright: Freedom!!! Join Renata and Tatiana in Nosara, Costa Rica to dive in, fly, explore, sing, dance, and liberate our bodies, minds, and hearts, and practice learning this very freedom from the Earth itself.

Contact me here!