Virtual Learning

How to build your Own Asana Practice Course

November 9th,16th and 23rd at 7pm.

3 weeks (2 hours zoom workshop)

Invitation to a private group to share, grow and create support

A manual with everything you will learn for a later review

8 postures review per week (asana lab)

Understand the building blocks of a energetically balanced practice

 Learn the evolution of postures

Review specific modifications

Prop use

$30 per class- $90 full course

Week 1: Warm-up

Exploration of poses that are not necessarily named but more like movements that helps you understand actions, direction and body parts.
Surya A

Week 2: Momentum

Exploring breath connection Belief of strength
Alignment X Action
Evolution of shapes
Finding the Ease
Standing postures

Week 3: Cool down

Finally the release from aspirations and grounding into "what is"
Looking at seated postures, twists and supine release.
Energetic allowance
Corpse pose